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2. First session accomplished

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12.04.2022 – We started on time at 6 pm sharp. Teachers and some 60 classmates were on the video call via ZOOM. We received a very warm welcome from Le Wagon and were introduced to the “Learn” platform, where all the future exercises and code challenges will take place. After answering a couple of questions we were advised to watch the lecture video for around 40 minutes and then start with some warm-up Katas on Codewars. After that, there were three coding challenges waiting which were designed to solidify our knowledge.

While doing the code challenges, the platform is divided into three vertical screens. The left one contains the instructions for the challenge, the middle one is for the coding while the right one serves as the console/output window. Each of these windows can be minimised in order to increase the screen “real estate”. In case of problems or questions, there is the option to initiate a ticket in which the students have to shortly describe their issue. After that, the student meets a TA (teaching assistant) in a break out room. Students are asked to share the screen on which the TA is able to draw in real-time to help the student. The idea is to give hints and look through the code with a set of fresh eyes. However, the TA won’t reveal the solution.

The challenges are quite a bit of a challenge in my opinion, but this helps to initiate the learning process. Also, students were told to also practice finding solutions on their own, because in the real coder’s life, the TAs won’t be there. Thus, googling the right keyword(s) to help you solve the problem is also part of the learning process. It is more important to understand the concept behind the code than to memorise ready-made solutions. At 10 pm, the TAs end the session. However, the platform is accessible 24/7, but TAs won’t be there to help outside teaching hours. I really enjoyed this first session and am about to start the second one today.

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