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6. Math or Maths?!

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31.05.2022 – Unfortunately, one student dropped out from the batch due to heavy workloads on the job. So as of now, we are 12 people left and I hope it will stay that way because exchanging thoughts amongst each other is very helpful to find solutions to the weekly challenges.

We started maths week on 14 May with Algebra & Calculus and were introduced to SciPy (Scientific Pyhton), a library for performing advanced mathematical operations. To get a better understanding, we built a real estate estimator and were not allowed to use pandas for this challenge. During the following week, we moved on to Statistics & Probabilities and focused mainly on the law of large numbers, random variables and the central limit theorem (CLT). It definitely feels like we are building up knowledge from the ground. The emphasis lies in the understanding of the maths concepts, because “the math” will remain the same forever, regardless of the technology we will use in the future. In my view, there are already Python libraries which do the heavy lifting, but as they say at Le Wagon: “Trust the process!”. I definitely appreciate the effort made and time commitment to make students (i.e. us) understand the main concepts rather than blindly apply code to data, or worse: copy and paste code!

I guess that from this week onwards, we will make heavy use of those mathematical concepts, especially when we will deal with the more advanced machine learning topics.

“‘Obvious’ is the most dangerous word in mathematics.” – Eric Temple Bell